Splatmaster (Low Impact Paintball)

Splatmaster Party Package: $250 (includes up to ten players, $25 for each additional player)     Book-Now-button-dkblue-0104-lg

  •  Splatmaster marker
  •  Protective face mask
  • Full clip of paintballs for each round
  •  2 hours of play
  •  Private ref, only your group playing together
  •  Two large pizzas and two 2 liter bottles of soda with plates and cups (per every ten people)

*Reservations required. 24 player maximum.

About the Splatmaster Low Impact Paintball Party

The introduction of the new JT Splatmaster series paintball markers has created a way for younger kids to enjoy the sport of paintball in a slowed-down, more kid friendly environment. Designed for kids between the ages of 7 to 10 (and the braver 6 year olds and more timid 11 and 12 year olds), the Splatmaster Party Package is a great way to introduce younger kids to the sport of paintball.

How is the Splatmaster different from regular paintball?

The Splatmaster differs from regular paintball in 3 ways: rate of fire of the marker, velocity of the paintball, and the type of paintball being used.

Rate of fire

The rate of fire refers to how many paintballs the marker can fire in a given period of time, usually measured in seconds. While most markers are capable firing multiple shots per second, the Splatmaster markers have slowed down the action a bit by making all the guns “pump action”. This means that the marker must be cocked with each shot in order to fire. The use of the pump action marker helps prevent any player from being shot more than once.


Velocity refers to how fast the paintball is traveling once it has left the barrel of the marker. A typical paintball marker will shoot upwards of 300 feet per second. The spring action bolt system has allowed the Splatmaster markers to slow the velocity of the paintball down to between 110-150 feet per second. This slowed down speed has helped to make the sting of the paintball almost non-existent.

Type of paintball

Lastly, the Splatmaster markers utilize a smaller caliber paintball that has also been manufactured with an extremely brittle shell. The smaller caliber means that you are getting hit with a smaller projectile. The extremely brittle shell also helps alleviate the impact force of the paintball.

With the combination of these three concepts, the Splatmaster has made an ideal way for younger kids to get the full thrill of paintball action.

Paintball Adventures Park: Taneytown, MD