Paintball Adventure Park has a total of six airball fields with various layouts for allPainball Adventures Park - Airball Field - Taneytown, MD
level players. They are formatted for 3 man, 5 man, X-Ball, and 7 man. We constantly
change them up to keep them current with several tournament layouts. Most of our fields
have fill stations located right at them so players do not have to constantly run to
the main air station.


The Village is a massive field featuring a two story castle in the middle. The VillagePainball Adventures Park - Village and Castle Field - Taneytown, MD
field also has a wooded section running down one side for people who may want to use
camouflage to their advantage and a creek running down the other side for any player who
is not scared to get wet. The middle of the field is covered with buildings, large
trees, and a various assortment of smaller bunkers for those players brave enough to
take the castle head on. The castle has a total of eight lookout towers in it to help
players get the best angles for the best shots.



We currently have two woods ball field.Painball Adventures Park - Woods Field - Taneytown, MD
The first woodsball field is nothing but woods! Okay, we did go ahead and put some man
made bunkers up, but for the most part this is all woods! Trees and brush are the main
forms of cover.

Our second woods field we have is still heavily wooded, but we have cleared out a lot of
the brush and put up some small buildings for added cover. This field also has a fully
brush covered hill on side that makes for some really intense gameplay.


This is a medium sized field based around the use of buildings for strategic play. LockPainball Adventures Park - Iraqi Town Field - Taneytown, MD
down the field from the back or charge up using the buildings as cover to take out the
enemy team! This is a fast paced field for people who enjoy more tactical play but like
the race pace intensity of airball.


Our hill field is just that! It is a large hill with bunkers placed all over it forPainball Adventures Park - Hill Field - Taneytown, MD
cover. The hill field also has two wooded sections on it for added cover. Play take the
hill or just play it from side to side, either way this field is a fun time.

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Paintball Adventures Park: Taneytown, MD